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gamersobsession's Journal

Video Game Character Obsessions
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This community is about Video Game Character Obsessions. Do you have a thing for certain video game characters? Do you just REALLY like a character? I, rainecloud have many characters in different video games that I am very fond of. Be it in a loving way, in a cute way, in a sexual way or I can just plain relate to the characters. gamersobsession will be for all kinds of stuff. You can post your thoughts, pictures, fanart, fanfics, essays, whatever you'd like! As long as it has to do with the game characters you love. Hate a character? Talk about it here too! Make icons? Post them here. Like video game related online tests/quizes, post your results here. Hentai, Yaoi, and Yuri are allowed and are more than welcomed.

Rules for hentai, yaoi, and yuri:
1. No children.
2. No sexual vilolence.
3. No animals (unless the video game character happens to be an animal. [ex: Sonic the Hedgehog], and YES there is Sonic hentai, Ive seen it.
4. One last thing, nothing really gross like poop.

Thats it! Anything else is allowed. ^_^

Rules for posting pics and/or long stories:
1.Use LJ cut after one picture for people with 56k connections and lower. Same goes for long stories or whatever.

This is not a claiming community. Theres to many people with love of the same characters. :p

Alright, thats all for now, If I come up with more I will update this info.

I hope you join and enjoy the community! ^_^


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